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My name is Kaleigh Sullivan and I am a real estate entrepreneur who focuses on real estate investing, strategic real estate consulting & interior design coaching.    I started my real estate journey as a young adult with $80,000 in student loan debt and a degree I wasn’t utilizing.  I was working multiple jobs to stay afloat – all without a clue about what to do with my life - ahh the stresses.  What began as an accidental house-hack and a passion for interior design, grew into buying rentals, flips, Airbnb’s, mentoring & designing. 

As I learned more about real estate investing and design, I became excited and passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others & helping them with their needs.  Somewhere throughout the process of buying, fixing and selling homes I started posting my journey onto social media.  I would also post my knowledge on renovations - both mine and those I admired.  Friends, family and people from all around the world began to follow my Instagram, @fixandflip_kdesigns, and inquired about their own renovations and ways to begin their real estate investing journey. 

As I reflected on the questions I was receiving, I remembered back to when I began and how difficult it was to find affordable options to learn more about real estate - to really learn.  I wanted to provide these services to others to not only find ways to get them started but also to assist others in avoiding mistakes that I have made.  All of this lead to creating my own company called KD Development.  Now, we provide consulting services to get others on the path of investing, home design and entrepreneurship.



Co-Founder of KD Development

My name is David Ritter.  I am a real estate investor who focuses on a real estate investing, coaching, wealth building and education.  Throughout my life, I have always had a knack for entrepreneurship and sales.  I have done everything in sales from door to door selling to tech sales.  It wasn't until real estate was introduced into my life that I realized it was the perfect combination of all of my skills.

My real estate journey began in 2015 with a house hack and quickly grew into flipping, rentals, and air bnb hosting.  After going through the trials and tribulations of investing, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others to help them on the path to success and financial freedom.



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